Dr. Juanita High, JoAnn Hackney Wescoat, Lori Mooney, Margaret Minnis, Rose Newman, Susan Renneisen, Tracey McArdle

Dr. Juanita High - Education/Contemporary Achiever

Graduated from Atlantic City High School with a B.A. from Montclair State University, an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and a Doctorate from Rutgers University.

She became the first full-time Affirmative Action Director at Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ. and, later, Executive Assistant to President Vera King Farris. She was on the Board of Directors and coordinated the groundbreaking CHEER (Civility, Harmony, Education, Environment and Respect) program at Stockton conducting workshops and other activities designed to eliminate prejudice, violence and racism in schools statewide.

Retired in 1996, she now serves as assistant to the president for special projects.

JoAnn Hackney Wescoat - Athletics/Contemporary Achiever

Athletics/Contemporary Achiever. JoAnn was a contributing force in the creation of a National Officiating Clinic so that local basketball leagues would have women referees at all girls’ basketball games, she became part of the team that started the Mothers’ Softball League, which produced many outstanding women players in Atlantic County.

Born and raised in Atlantic City to a family dedicated to sports and athletics, she has actively continued to promote the Hackney Invitational Swim for girls, a program created by her father but revived by JoAnn and friends after his death. This scholarship swim meet is open to all high school age girls and is sponsored by the Zonta Club of Atlantic City.

Lori Mooney - Government/Contemporary Achiever

She left her profession as realtor to make her mark in county government as the first woman elected to the County Clerk’s office. Ms. Mooney has served on many boards and was active in the NJ Women’s Political Caucus and Business and Professional Women.

Margaret Kitchens Minnis - Volunteerism/Contemporary Achiever

After moving to Folsom, NJ with husband and family, Mrs. Minnis discovered there were no cultural or education activities for minority children anywhere in the area. With help of parents, a youth club for teens was organized.

She helped organized the first Cub Scout troop in Folsom and Winslow and became Den Mother. Over the years, through will and vision, she helped create a system of health care and day care services for Hispanic farm workers in the southern New Jersey area and organized after-school programs for students to motivate and inspire them to reach for higher learning. – Deceased

Rose Newman-posthumous - Humanities/Pioneer

In 1961 when one of her three daughters died of cancer, the Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer and Hear Memorial fund (RNS) was created in her memory. Rose turned her sorrow into positive action and began her life’s work of helping her local community with funding health care. Even after her death in 1966, Rose Newman’s dedication and determination inspires the RNS board of Directors and members.

Susan Renneisen - Social Services/Contemporary Achiever

Under her four year leadership, the AIDS Alliance tripled its budget allowing it to reach more clients and families in need while dramatically reducing overhead and administrative costs. Renneisen’s leadership expanded the overall quality of programs and services offered throughout the three counties served by the Alliance.

Tracye McArdle - Medicine and Public Health/Contemporary Achieve

Is the first woman County Health Officer in the State of New Jersey and is responsible for the administration of all public health and environmental programs under auspices of county.

She graduated from College of St. Elizabeth, Morristown and then, through the Peace Corps, spent time in Fiji teaching science at the junior high school level. Ms. McArdle is an accomplished harpist, pianist and certified scuba diver and has traveled extensively through Asia, the South Pacific and Western Europe. – Retired