Monica Coffey grew up in South Jersey.
She has been an Environmental Sustainability advocate on and off the job.
Monica was Instrumental in launching Sustainable Margate and later, Sustainable Downbeach, which encourage the community to minimize carbon footprint and address climate change,
sea level rise, and flood and storm water management.

Jennifer Denice Couthen graduated from Atlantic City High School. Jennifer went on to receive a B.A. in Spanish with minors in Sociology and Anthropology from Michigan State University. After working at the Social Security Administration, her bi-lingual skills landed her in education as an elementary teacher K-12 and English as a Second Language K-8. Her service to the community has been recognized many times over. Words to live by: You don’t necessarily have to do extraordinary things…just do the things you do in an extraordinary way! CHER

Audrey Fischer learned the importance of philanthropy and empathy watching her parents who owned a small market on North Ohio Ave. in Atlantic City. Their motto was, “Pay when you can.” Many customers never forgot their kindness. Audrey raised her children in the important spirit of giving. She was a Pink Lady at Atlantic City Hospital and, later, joined the hospital’s Women’s Auxiliary, becoming president for many years and providing scholarships for nursing students. She served in various community organizations, including the Miss America Pageant, RNS, the ARC of Atlantic County and Temple Beth Israel. Quote: “You never regret what you do for someone; you always regret what you did not do. So, the greatest gift you can give yourself is helping others.” – deceased.

Melanie Rice: Vocalist, producer, bandleader, talent agent, entrepreneur, Melanie Rice is the CEO of Melanie Rice Entertainment, a company she founded in 1995. She has opened for headliners such as Smokey Robinson, Joan Rivers and David Brenner and as back-up vocalist for Grover Washington, Jr., Joe Piscopo and Bobby Rydell.  Melanie always strives to give back to the community: She donates her time and talents to charitable functions every year, among them: The annual Hansen Foundation Street Life Concert and the Miss’d America Pageant. Among many others, she supports MANNA, the Boys & Girls Club and the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. It’s her hope that sharing her gratitude, joy and positive outlook can change others’ lives and the world: one smile, one song, one act of kindness at a time.

Nanette C. Stuart worked as a social worker with disadvantaged, terminally and mentally ill populations prior to becoming a teacher in the Atlantic City Public schools. She became a principal in the Pleasantville school district and was instrumental in exposing children to diverse cultures and art media. She became a production aide and even a financial sponsor for theater arts productions for area children. Quote: “When God puts a dream in your heart, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.”

Terri Schieder-Rann


Terri L. Schieder-Rann over sees AtlantiCare Health Solutions: accountable health care organization and all population health activities and provides oversight to AtlantiCare’s Health Engagement, Marketing and Communications, Access Center and Life Center businesses. Over the course of her career, Terri was a Medical-Surgical nurse and later held many leadership positions including Vice President for Business Development and Physician Integration; ARMC Administrator, Atlantic City campus; and Assistant Director of Nursing. Terri has volunteered in a number of other capacities in her local community, including for the LPGA, serving as Chairman for 25 years. Quote: Don’t count the days; make the days count. .